Amber and gold


Amber and gold


Hematite Buddha Face


Black feather face


Native American in silver


Pink feather with silver and crystals


Pink feather with silver and crystals

December 30, 2016

So it's been 20 days since I made my very first pair of earrings. I'm having so much fun and I love everything I've made so far. Every pair is original and it cannot be found anywhere else except for my Etsy store.
In less than 30 hours the New Year will begin. This time I will start it with a new personal legend, feeling like Rick from Casablanca: with a slice of business to my name ;)

Rick: Who are you really, and what were you before? What did you do and what did you think, huh?
Ilsa: We said no questions.
Rick: 🔺...Here's looking at you, kid. 🔺



December 26, 2016

Meet one of my coworkers. His name is Dostoyevsky or Dusty for short. He holds a supervisor role and makes sure nothing ever happens without his administration. He was hired/adopted in February of 2016, when he was only a few months old. It was Dusty's first Christmas with us, and it was full of sunshine, fresh air, hikes on the balcony, warm fire, holiday jazz tunes and now so familiar crisp smell of AK's coffee.



December 17, 2016

"All experiences are preceded by mind, having mind as their master, created by mind." — the Buddha


December 15, 2016

Applause for the directors: Xavier Dolan, Miranda July, John Cassavetes, Brothers Maysles, Benedek Fliegauf & Sebastián Silva.

Some other great independent films, that you may not have heard of: Vagabond (1985) by Agnès Varda, L'enfant (2005) by Jean-Pierre Dardenne, The Puffy Chair (2005) by Jay Duplass, Sherman's March (1985) by Ross McElwee, Rosetta (1999) by Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Mommy (2014) by Xavier Dolan, The Idiots (1998) by Lars von Trier...


Moby - Almost Home (Washed Out remix)


My scrumptious vegan breakfast at Little Pine

December 12, 2016

Last night I went to a very special event: Oakland Fire Benefit featuring Moby at Mezzanine SF.

Ten days ago the devastating fire broke out in a warehouse known as Ghost Ship (Oakland) during an electronic dance party. It killed 36 young and talented people. This tragedy hit me hard. I identified myself in one way or another with almost every victim. While I was listening to DJs spinning their records, watching people dancing downstairs, and speaking to the friends of artists who perished in that fire, I was thinking how much life itself is like a short flame. The stronger and brighter the flame is the more area it affects. As Moby put it: "It was both a heartbreaking and inspiring night." Moby started to play at 11:30pm, which happens to be the time when the Ghost Ship fire started on December 2. I danced for a long time with my eyes closed, I mourned the death of friends that I have not met, I celebrated their short bright lives.

Due to everybody's 100% volunteering and silent auctions the event raised over $50,000 for the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts Oakland Fire Fund. Moby is well known for his charity work and animal protection. In summer 2016 I was in LA and visited his restaurant Little Pine to taste some of his original vegan meals. It was delicious and made my day! All the profits from the restaurant go to animal welfare organizations. GO MOBY! If you like photography, good electronic music, support veganism and animal rights, Moby is probably one of your faves, like he's been mine since late 1990s.


Cherushii (Chelsea Faith): a DJ & producer, victim of Oakland Ghost Ship fire.


Blue with silver


Wood floral


Pearl metallic

December 10, 2016

Today I created these three pairs of charming earrings. I think they look great and they inspire me to keep on designing jewelry. I came up with the name, created the logo, built a website, opened an Etsy store and an Instagram account. The earrings look fun and I am off to a good start. I plan to take classes in jewelry making and hopefully expand this new baby venture. This is my first attempt at making earrings and I am proud of how it came out. I am dreaming big today. Are you?


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